About Us

We are a group of innovative individuals with a passion for quality, courageous enough to reach for the highest level, and with a goal to contribute to a better way of living. We have been serving American retailers and wholesalers for many years keeping our quality high and price point low.

Honestly, the furniture industry as a whole has been a little on the boring side, compared to the fashion industry. Less color and less functionality have become the norm for many big box stores. We are taking our knowledge of the furniture manufacturing process into the next generation of affordable, functional, and fun products.

As science and technology rule our lives now, we want to bring those advances to the furniture that you buy as well. We want to be a one-stop shop for all the rooms in your home. Check back often for new products and innovations as we move forward in our growth process.

We hope that we can contribute more to society and the status quo with your support. Tell us your thoughts and ideas as we will be listening to every word.

Let’s grow our homes and lives together.